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    Question Who's getting the better end of this deal?

    03-04 Skybox L.E. Edition Game Worn Jersey no.38
    Elton Brand 246/399
    00-01 Upper Deck Game Jersey MA-H Marcus Camby
    02-03 Finest Rc/Auto no.118 Vincent Yarbrough
    02-03 Finest Rc/Auto no.102 Dan Dickau USD12.0
    01-02 UD Sp Authentic SOTT Double CA/DH , Courtney
    Alexander & Donnell Harvey , BV USD25.0
    02-03 UD Sweet Shot Signature Shots Deshawn
    Stevenson USD20
    03-04 Topps Bazooka Piece of America (Game Worn
    Jersey) Pat Garrity (Blue with black stripes Jersey)

    1998-99 Skybox Premium Star Rubies Steve Kerr
    /50 BV=$60
    1996-1997 Skybox Premium Autographics Joe Smith
    2002-03 Pristine Melvin Ely AUTO BV $15
    2002-03 Hardcourt Alvin Jones AUTO BV $12

    Need some opinions on this one!

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    How much does it matter if each person is getting cards that they need?

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    I was just wondering cause I didn't really need any of the cards that he was offering. He just needed a couple for some sets.

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    My pick is person A, primarily b/c of Elton Brand

    if he played for the LA Lakers, he'd be on his way to the Hall of Fame consideration, as he and Duncan are consistent double-double (10 points, 10 rebounds) every night.

    but, Elton played for Chicago (which had something like a 0.200 winning %) and now plays for Clippers (about 0.350 winning %)....... if you play on losers, you don't get noticed the way you should.

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    Thanks for the input everyone. I think I am gonna go ahead with the trade!

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    well all know who person A is, right guys? lol

    not so fast. i think, and note "think", steve kerr actually has a small following. a rare card like that might actually do well at auction. I can't say for sure, but i remember seeing a Kerr auto (bv$6) end for something like $20 sometime early last year.

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    In my opinion that steve kerr card is a piece of junk (I know one mans trash is another mans treasure). His highest priced item on ebay is a 100 cards for 9.99 that NO one is bidding on. For his autos we might be able to turn that $20.00 into $2.00 (my guess is the auto will sell for ($4.65 lol). Lets watch and see only time will tell!!!!!!!! HAPPY TRADING

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    well the one i saw was a 96-97, they always go for more.

    if im right about the following, it'll end at $15 DLVD, so $12

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