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    25 to 40 pay pal to spend tonight

    I want a nice Auto or Gu'd of these players, best deal take all.

    Clinton Portis, Andre Johnson, Charles Rogers, Willis McGahee, Boldin, Moss, Culpepper, Boller, Grossman, Palmer, Ahman Green.

    thanks Clay

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    hmm, how much would you give me for an 03 Finite Grossman RC Jersey?

    The only problem is it books low at $15 and im not sure if I want to give it up for next to nothing....

    LMK clay!,


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    give me a price and I will consider it...


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    Exactly what do you mean by nice.. Is it value wise or condition wise. I have a few low end ones palmer((25 bv)) green((15 bv)) and a 2 clr moss jersey((30 bv)).. If you dont have offers on any of these sometime tommrow I will get back in touch with you as i really hesitiate about paypal but some cards are comming off ebay and we use it cuz its very fast for payment. IF a payment is sent from ebay I will contact you cuz I will be taking that money out anyways.. Might as well get a lil more


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    Clay I can do all my Moss for $40, got a sweet looking 3 color jersey, many rookies, and another jsy, lmk.

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    what are the cards. and why don't you like paypal......

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    Paul I would probably do it, but I would like to find someone that has a few of the cards I'm looking for so I could get everything in one deal..

    So I will pass...
    you probably want to get it anyways.

    anyone else.

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    Clay- I have a Portis 02 Certified Mirror Red /150 incoming. LMK what you could do on it and maybe I could hold it for you.

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