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Thread: Sell or Keep?

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    Sell or Keep?

    I recently won a Jose Calderon autographed Spain jersey from the olympics.

    Someone who didn't win contacted me and asked if I would be willing to sell it to him because he wanted to buy it for his son's Christmas present. This is Calderon's olympic jersey and not his regular Raptors jersey so I'm sure I can't get it anywhere else. Plus, this year will definitely be his breakout year and he'll make the all-star team for sure (maybe even as a starter).

    If I sell it, I'm going to ask for double the price or more, mainly because it's a one of a kind signed jersey. So should I consider selling it or keep it?

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    i'd say keep it, unless there's something else you'd rather have that you could buy with the money

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    id say keep... but if you sell do it for a heck of a lot more then what you paid
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    My question to you is why did you buy it in the first place?
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