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Thread: tradelist/wantlist

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    plmk what you like

    02/03 upper deck Inspirations tayshaun prince auto
    02/03 topps ten auto brendan haywood
    01/02 press pass quentin richardson auto
    01/02 sage hit auto chris jefferies
    01/02 press pass auto chris jefferies
    01-02 stadium club lonestar sigs brendan haywood /250 bv 20
    00/01 press pass eddie gill auto
    00/01 Fleer freshink Rondell White (baseball) bv 12
    99/00 press pass venson hamilton auto
    99/00 Press Pass standout signatures Calvin booth /100 bv 6
    95/96 superior pix wesley person rookie auto #/3500

    03/04 fleer authentix ticket for four yao ming/ dajuan wagner
    /eddy curry/ latrell sprewell #/100 all jerseys htg bv 50
    03/04 sp authentic fabrics eddy curry
    03/04 EX Net Assets GU Jersey DaJuan Wagner
    03/04 fleer authentix authenTIX paul gasol bv 15
    02/03 upper deck mvp mvp materials brendan haywood
    02/03 fleer ultra ''o'' jerseys morris peterson
    02/03 flair court kings elton brand bv 12
    02/03 Topps Finest Paul Pierce warm up #/999
    02-03 Fleer Showcase Basketballs Best Elton Brand bv 15
    02/03 sp game used andre miller jersey bv 12
    02-03 Fleer Showcase Basketballs Best Andre Miller bv 15
    02/03 fleer platium platium portraits richard jefferson gu
    02/03 topps pristine brendan haywood pristine performers bv 15
    01/02 upper deck flight team andre miller flight patterns bv 15
    01-02 Fleer Premium Premium Performers Allen Iverson bv 25
    01/02 fleer premium prmium performers shawn marion bv 15
    01-02 Fleer Premium Premium Performers Mike Miller 2/colr bv 15
    01-02 Topps Ten Team Leaders Antonio Davis /1000 bv 15
    01-02 Stdium Club Frequent Flyers Paul Pierce /700 bv 15 htg
    01/02 ud game floor kevin garnett floor bv 15
    00-01 UD Ovation Superstar Warm-ups kevin Garnett (htg) BV 20
    00-01 Fleer Game Time Game Time Uniformity David Wesley 2/color
    more will be added

    03/04 fleer authentix zoran plannic rc #/1250
    03/04 fleer authentix luke ridnour rc balcony #/250
    03/04 fleer authentix chris kaman rc #/1250
    03/04 fleer authentix brad miller balcony #/250
    03/04 fleer authentix gordan girceck balcony #/250
    02/03 fleer authentix tayshaun prince #/1250 rc
    02/03 Chris Webber topps gold #/99 bv 12
    02/03 caron butler rc fleer premium #/1500
    02/03 curtis borchardt rc fleer premium #/1500
    02/03 fleer authentic gary payton balcony #/250
    01/02 fleer marquee brendan haywood/loren woods rc #/2500 bv5
    01/02 fleer authentix rc brendan haywood #/1250 bv5
    01/02 fleer ultra michael bradley rc #/2222
    00/01 fleer premium Hidayet Turkoglu rc #/1999
    00/01 fleer focus chris witney draft postion #/200
    99/00 topps finest futures finest andre miller #/750 bv 4 slitly damaged


    Brendon Haywood, evething, auto's, gu's, numbered,base !!!!

    Kevin Garnett, evething, auto's, gu's, numbered,base!!!!

    Tayshaun Prince, evething, auto's, gu's, numbered,base!!!!

    01-02 Fleer Premium Premium Performers GU **ALL**

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    I am very interested in 02/03 Topps Finest Paul Pierce warm up #/999. Do you know how much it books for?

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    I also like the Paul Pierce #'ed to 700. Also what's the BV on the other Pierce and the Curry. But all I have that you want is a Garnett 97-98 Flair Row 3 and a 97-98 Ultra '98 Greats Garnett. Both book at $3. A total of $6 for both of them.

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    minew the peirce only books 12 but they also didn't have the bv in book so it's a nice jersey card plmk if your still intersed

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    tsg0317 the peirce books 12 and the curry dosen't book yet plmk

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    I would be very interested in the Pierce. All I have on your wantlist is a Topps Special Edition Brendan Haywood Autograph. The Special Edition autos don't book though.

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    miles sorry for waiting i can't stay on all day and watch for people to post and depends i would have to get the better deal plmk thanks

    minew_m can you get me a scan or a discription of the card i may have bought on ebay allready i'll and some auto in if i need the card with the peirce

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