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Thread: Buying BGS 9.5 & PSA 10 Cards

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    Post Buying BGS 9.5 & PSA 10 Cards

    Looking to turn your cards into cash???

    We are currently offerring top dollar for all PSA 10 and BGS 9.5 rookie cards.

    Some of the rookies we are looking for include:

    Alex Rodriguez,
    Derek Jeter,
    Walter Payton,
    Joe Montana,
    Jerry Rice,
    Sammy Sosa,
    Barry Bonds

    This is just a small representation of the card's we are looking for. Please email us with your items. We will get back to you in a prompt fashion with our offer.

    Buying Euphoria

    Take a minute to see what items we have up for sale in our Store
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    welcome to our site

    Please post all buy/sell/trade threads in the TRADING FORUM

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