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Thread: great deal for you!

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    Thumbs up great deal for you!

    most of you on here know i go to the hotel and ballpark to get in person autographs.

    here's a deal: if someone bids on item # 2792246120 (7 Yorvit Torrealba cards) on ebay and wins and pays for it, i will help you get 4 of them signed, and you let me keep the 3 cards...lmk if interested in doing this deal. yorvit will be a star in a couple of years.

    or this deal: item # 2791813358 (8 Jesse Foppert cards)...i will get 4 signed for you, and you let me keep the other 4...lmk if you are willing to do this
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  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    2002's Bowman (book value $2.50), Topps Total (book value $1.50). 2003's Bowman Draft Gold, Bowman Chrome Draft, Fleer Tradition Update, Upper Deck Classic Portraits. 2004's Fleer Tradition, Upper Deck Star Rookie.

    Bonds - you want to do this deal?

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    Sorry man I already have everyone one of those cards otherwise I would.

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    when can you get these signed? also, can you get jason schmidt's auto, too? i played summer ball with him in high school.

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    i can get them signed like the first or second week of you want to do one of the deals? be honest, schmidt hates me...he thinks i sell stuff on ebay...i can't get his autograph

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    i just thought it would be fun to get schmidt's auto, but i might get this auction: Torrealba. how much in cc would you do? i don't need his auto.

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    DMiles why does Schmidt hate you? You talked to him before? Seems like a nice guy to me.

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    Shockers - i wouldn't give cc...i want to get them get 4 signed...lmk

    bonds - he said i have gotten his autograph too many times and he thinks i sell stuff on ebay cuz i always get dealer stuff signed like baseballs and photos.

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