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    Roger Clemens/Jerry Rice/Mario Lemieux triple jersey card for trade, W/Scan

    It is a 02-03 Upper Deck Superstars Triple jersey card, serial numbered 007/250, BV-$60, Looking for a equal BV game used in return or some Mark Prior cards...sorry for the poor scan, cheap camera..but it will give you a idea of what the card looks like



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    im interested, dont have prior though..see if theres anything on my page you could use...


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    Hi! I have a prior rc and maybe an insert! See if there is something you like. Do you collect Cubs or just Prior? PM me or I will try to check this post soon! Thanks and I love the card!

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    I could really use the 90 Leaf Sosa RC, LMK if we can work something out for that


    pm sent


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