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    Smile Trade page updated - Take a look

    I updated my trade page a little, LMK if anything interests you. I am mainly looking for Shaq gameused, etc. but will consider other stuff.


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    Great Shaq collection man

    03/04 U.D. Rookie Exclusives Star Rookie Auto Zarko Cabarkapa #A13
    03/04 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs auto Troy Bell #545/800

    Also the Bozooka Beginnings im kind of interested in, not too much though I collect Autos a lot more then GU. Please let me know if you're looking to trade them. Does any other players or GU interest you then shaq? plmk thanks

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    Thanks, ( about the Shaq's ).

    I maybe interested in other players. Do you have a trade page? If not I maybe interested in Iversons, K.G.'s, Duncans, T.Mac's others its hard to say. LMK


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    02/03 Fleer Platinum Nameplates:
    Qyntel Woods #/325 3 color patch

    Check my page.

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    03/04 U.D. Rookie Exclusives Star Rookie Auto Zarko Cabarkapa #A13

    I would be interested in this Check my site and let me know.


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    BB-Man -

    The only thing that interests me is your:
    01/02 Fleer Shoebox Sole of the Game GU Jersey Antoine Walker #rd to 200. LMK

    Ichiro -

    I did not see anything. I prefer to trade an auto for an auto, but will consider trading an auto for Shaq gameused. Thanks..

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