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    03 leaf limited ricky williams auto patch #d to 25 pic inside l@@k ft/fs

    looking for about $150 in trade or will also sell via paypal
    will check trade pages

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    ok i dont know why my pics arent showing up?anyone know?

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    well it works if you click on the link but i dont have this problem over on the beckett boards or sportscardsherrifs boards.well anyways everyone just click on the link and you will see the card

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    looking to get $72 shipped with delivery confirmation and insurance of $100 the last one sold on ebay for $83 but im looking to get something right now so i will lat it go for $72

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    yes i will trade also but im looking to get paypal for it more i can do a half trade half paypal or something like that also all the stuff on my trade page i will sell via paypal also as i said i am trying to buy something right now but lmk do you have a trade page?

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    IMG tags are turned off here... that's why they're not working for you.

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