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Thread: Want to make some trades!

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    Want to make some trades!

    Hey guys LMK what players you collect or what you are specifically looking for ie: set completion/inserts/rc's/gu/autos/parallels/refractors/graded

    i am making a huge database of all my cards so lmk, Thanks

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    hi- I have a 97-98 monty williams and a 98-99 z. ilgauskus autographics, a 99-00 ultra maurice taylor fresh ink, a 00-01 sp authentic m. penberthy sign of the times, a duncan topps minted in springfield rc, a duncan skybox premium team skybox from that year, plus a few other cheap duncan and d.robinson inserts. I'm interested in the 97-98 flair showcase set. PM me if interested. thanks-zev

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    Check Out my site tons of Duncan and Robinsons and lot of game used. LMK if you see some stuff your interested in and I'm sure I can find stuff from your site too.


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    Here is a quick list of stuff i found for you from your insert want list

    02-03 Fleer Premium Prime Time C.Web #6
    01-02 Topps Verticality M.J #8
    97-98 Star Power Plus D.Rodman #10
    00-01 Topps Flight Club V.Carter #1
    98-99 Topps Apparitions M.Finley #10
    96-97 TSC High Risers #5 C.Drexler
    97-98 Metal Planet Metal #6 M.Camby

    Haven't even really looked

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    Originally posted by stalking_WOLF_21
    check my sig below
    PM sent w/ Garnett list lmk if you need any of em

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