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    Talking Hi!!! Curtis Sanford Rookie Card!!

    hello! i am new here, but i have done some online trading before. i was wondering if anyone here is interested in a Curtis Sanford Rookie Card i pulled out of a pack the other day. it is a 2003 Private Stock Titanium RC, #135, book value at $40.00. i am not much of a blues fan, but i am a BIG dallas stars fan, so, if anyone is interested in trading for it, or maybe buying it, please e-mail me at i heard this is a really good place to trade cards from a friend, so i thought i would try it out. i have a list of my cards if you want to see that also. thanks!!!

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    thanks WR! this guy is awsome!!!! trade with him if you get a chance to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to the forum. By the way, that's a great avatar!!!

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    thanks! i am always looking for dallas stars cards to trade!!! if youve got any stars cards you want to trade, e-mail me!! ive got plenty of other cards too!!!! always lookin to make my collection better!:mrgreen:

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    Yes, Welcome to the forum SuicideSquirrel7! :D

    I second southpaw, that is a very good avatar!


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    SS7 take a look at my web page..u'll find alot of great stars cards

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    i am proud to say that the sanford card has been taken by someone. always looking to trade though!!!

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