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    I will buy these lebron and carmelo cards

    I will buy the following cards for the price that I specify.
    I am only interested in the following cards.


    Topps chrome $19
    Bowman chrome $22
    topps $6.50 (i need a bunch)
    Bowman $8
    any refractors lmk


    Topps chrome $9.50
    bowman chrome $11
    Bowman $5.50
    any refractors

    I am also interested in any dwayne wade refractors and autos

    lmk what you have

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    I have a alot of these. Here is what I have. Also let me know if your willing to negotiate prices because when I put these types of cards on ebay I got alot more (i.e. Lebron Bowman for $20 and his Topps for $10-$15 a piece). Let me know

    2x Topps

    Topps Chrome
    2x Bowman

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    i cant pay that much for the lebrons but i will buy the carmelos for the prices i have listed.
    lmk if you are interested.

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    i have a question can you pay through paypal cause if you can i would consider selling then (i am only looking to sell through paypal really)

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    know you dont have this one on your list but would you be interested in a

    upper deck city heights

    hard to get, only way to get it is through upperdeck, i got it recently from them when recieving a redemption...its in mint condition, lmk if interested and i can show you a pic of it

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    I have a lebron topps and a carmelo topps will sell them both to you for 13$ if you are interested if not I will sell the bron for 7

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    i am gonna think about it and let you know later man.

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