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Thread: Trying to Trade Again...

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    Trying to Trade Again...

    I just want to make some trades happen. So let's trade people...

    Amare Stoudemire Topps Jersey Edition RC
    Michael Jordan 93-94 NBA Superstars
    Magic Johnson 2002-03 SP Game-Used All-Star Apparel #MGAS

    2003-04 BOWMAN

    Gold RC’s
    Chris Bosh
    Mike Sweetney
    Leandro Barbosa
    Maciej Lampe

    Chrome RC’s
    Travis Outlaw
    Jerome Beasley

    Travis Outlaw
    Rick Rickert
    Zoran Planinic
    Dahntay Jones
    Carlos Delfino
    Ndudi Ebi
    Mickael Pietrus

    Kobe Bryant and numerous others.

    2003-04 TOPPS
    Kirk Hinrich RC
    Mickael Pietrus RC
    Aleksandar Pavlovic RC
    Boris Diaw-Riffiod RC
    Rasual Butler Gold Card Serial #’ed 01/99

    Topp’s Chrome RC’s
    Brian Cook

    2003-04 BAZOOKA

    Troy Bell Gold RC’s
    Kendrick Perkins Gold RC’s

    2003-04 UPPER DECK

    Chris Kaman RC
    Leandro Barbosa RC
    Aleksandar Pavlovic Silver RC

    Lebron James RC
    Brian Cook RC
    Vince Carter NBA ALL-STARS

    Derek Fisher Single Diamond Jersey GU’ed Card (GOLD JERSEY)
    Tim Duncan common.

    Yao Ming common.

    Ndudi Ebi RC
    Josh Howard Air Academy
    Richard Jefferson Air Academy
    Vince Carter Rising to the Occasion
    Marko Jaric GU’ed All-Star Warm-Up

    Brian Cook
    Travis Outlaw


    Jamaal Magloire Balcony Serial #’ed to 250

    Steve Nash Flair Sweet Swatch GU’ed

    Abdur-Rahim 97-98 Flair Showcase Row 1
    Kevin Garnett 97-98 Flair Showcase Row 3
    Kevin Garnett 97-98 Ultra ’98 Greats
    Allen Iverson 97-98 Ultra ’98 Greats Gold Medallion Edition
    Michael Finley 97-98 UD Diamond Vision
    Antonio McDyess 97-98 UD Diamond Vision Signature Moves with his Signature on it.
    Anfernee Hardaway 93-94 Upper Deck RC (4)
    Tracy McGrady 97-98 Upper Deck RC
    Tracy McGrady 97-98 Upper Deck Rookie I Discovery RC
    Kobe Bryant 96-97 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice RC
    Kevin Johnson 97-98 Upper Deck NBA Records Collection
    Shaquille O’Neal 92-93 Upper Deck NBA Top Prospects
    Chris Webber 93-94 Upper Deck RC
    Michael Jordan 93-94 Ultra Common
    Tim Duncan 97-98 Ultra All-Rookie
    Latrell Sprewell 93-94 Upper Deck Locker Talk
    Latrell Sprewell 92-93 Skybox RC Card # DP24
    Yao Ming 03-04 Fleer Common
    Yao Ming 03-04 Upper Deck Standing “O”

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