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Thread: My Bulls PC: Check it out!!!!

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    Back for the holidays from med school. Here's what I've picked up in the last 4 months:
    first jimmy butler auto, still looking for my first marquis teague but not impressed with the panini selection so far

    took a long time to get this from panini as a redemption
    Taj is having a tough year, i expected him to step up big this year but has yet to do it. another NT card to add regardless

    on the other hand, joakim is having a great year and i expect him to be an all-star this year

    For you other Bulls collectors that follow my thread, if you remember the odd BLUE patches that we've seen in the past, we recalled them being from the Chicago Stags uniforms that were worn a couple times in 2006 i believe. I couldn't believe when i saw this card but it's literally part of the Stag head that was on the back of those jerseys!!! And i got this card for practically nothing

    Not a huge card but probably the better auto of this bunch. I now have his 04-05, 05-06, and 06-07 ultimate signatures
    And the next too I really looked out on finding once again:

    The second of these same boozer 20th anniversary patches i have in my collection now from the same set

    Joakim Noah 20th anniversary patch auto!!

    Hope you like my update. Would love to get some feedback. Thanks for looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by whalechaser View Post
    Nice additions, like the unique patches.
    Thanks man. I hope I can find more of these XX patches. I've bought the only ones I've seen pop up on ebay besides two roses that were triple patches with kobe and wade which both went over 200 bucks!!

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    Completed my Taj Gibson Threads rc letterman nameplate today with this letter B:

    Hear they are all together:

    Thanks for looking

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    Awesome! Got to love complete Nameplates!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHyFLy View Post
    Awesome! Got to love complete Nameplates!
    Took me long enough lol
    I don't think I'm gonna even bother with the James Johnson one either unless I can find them cheap

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    I miss being able to update my thread all the time. Still trying to buy but will be another month and a half before I can post what I've been getting

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    Sick patches and I like Jimmy Butler's signature. Too bad about Taj getting hurt..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeppelin1985 View Post
    Sick patches and I like Jimmy Butler's signature. Too bad about Taj getting hurt..
    Thanks man. Yeah, really too bad about Taj especially now when the Bulls have been looking really shaky. Rose should definitely not come back this season.

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