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    Thumbs up ~Game used/autos/vintage for sale~

    Hey everyone... These are a few of the cards i'm pushing to sell right now... I am going on vacation in a couple weeks and I really need the money! Please take a look and let me know what you need. Thanks for taking a look.

    I listed what i'd like for each card next to the book value.

    Game used:
    2002 E-X Rickey Henderson 3 color patch card (navy blue, teal, white) bv. 90 sell- $30

    2002 Leaf shirt off my back Mike Hampton 4 color patch card (white, black, purple, gray) bv 45 sell- $18

    2003 Fleer Patchworks Curt Schilling 4 color patch card (Purple,white, gold, black) #091/300 bv 40 sell- $15

    2002 UD 40 Man Looming Large Curt Schilling jersey card /250 bv 20' sell- $6

    2003 Spx winning materials Pedro Martinez jrsy card #45(Pedro's jrsy number)/250!! bv 12 sell- $12+ Very Rare!

    2003 Spx winning materials Roberto Alomar jrsy card #/250 bv 12 sell- $4

    1962 Topps #395 Willie Mays bv. 50 Great condition! sell- $15

    1951 Bowman NELSON FOX ROOKIE CARD BV. 250!!!! sell- $60


    2001 Leaf Limited Michael Rivera rookie auto /1000 bv 15 sell-$4

    Some items are negotiable... Please let me know if you are interested and also take a look at my website and make an offer if there is something you need. I would be willing to trade for Mark Prior, Mark Grace, and most other cubs game used/autos. Also I have a lot of good deals in other sports if you are interested. Please email/pm/ or IM me if you need anything at all. Thanks again!!

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    what condition are the mays and the fox? also do you have scans of either?

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    TheBurn... I haven't dealt with vintage for very long so I'm not quite sure how to judge the conditions... Yes I do have scans. I'll send them to your email ASAP.

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