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    Really Nice cards for Under 5 Bucks--List 1

    I want to get rid of these and feel that maybe if I concentrated on a smaller amount of cards; they will more easily sell. So, these 20 cards are up for sale as of right now only. These prices are well below book value. The money I make is going towards a birthday present for my best friend who wants a Play Station 2. The prices next to the card desciption are the prices I am asking. Sorry, no Pay Pal, cash only (US Cash).

    Alex Rodriguez 1998 Pinnacle Plus “Piece of the Game” #3-$4.00 (books $10)
    Barry Bonds 2002 Stadium Club “Stadium Shots” #SS5-$2.00
    Barry Bonds 2002 Upper Deck “Big Fly Zone” #Z6-$2.00
    Barry Bonds 2003 Fleer Tradition “Milestones” #25MS-$2.00
    Barry Bonds 2003 Upper Deck “Chase for 755” #C12-$2.00
    Derek Jeter 1999 Pacific “Dynagon Diamond” #4--$3.00
    Felix Pie 2003 Bowman Heritage #182 RC-$1.50
    Gary Sheffield 1998 Pacific Revolution “Foul Pole” (1:48 packs) #17-$2.00
    Greg Maddux 2002 Fleer EX “Behind the Numbers” #27N-$2.00
    Ichiro Suzkui 2002 Fleer Ultra “Rising Stars” #1RS-$3.00
    Jackie Robinson 2002 Topps Chrome “52 World Series Reprints” #52R-10-$3.00
    Jason Giambi 2003 Fleer Tradition “Lumber Company” #27LC-$2.00
    Manny Ramirez 2003 Fleer Tradition “Lumber Company” #19LC-$2.00
    Miguel Cabrera 2002 UD Minor #111-$1.00
    Miguel Cabrera 2002 UD Minor #216-$1.00
    Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Opening Day #21-$2.00
    Nolan Ryan 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes #51-$1.00
    Nomar Garciaparra 2003 Fleer Tradition “Lumber Company” #5LC-$2.00
    Prince Fielder 2002 UD Minor #41-$2.50
    Ted Williams/Tony Gwynn 2001 Topps “Combos-Sweetness” #TC15--$2.00
    Willie Mays 2003 Bowman Chrome #351-$1.00

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