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    Arrow NEED JASON WILLIAMS (GRIZZLIES)!!!!!!!!Lots to Trade!

    Need Jason Williams....

    Base for Base ONLY!!!!!!!! <<<cant stress this enough....

    Need mainly GU and Autos especially!!!!!

    Plus RCs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also any Dirk Nowitzki!!!!!!!!


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    I have alot of Nowitzki and Williams, check out my site and I also have a bunch of base Nowitikis I'll throw in any trade we make. I had pulled them for a guy and he never followed thru on our trade.


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    lieber88, lmk what you need, something cheap becuase I believe that books at $5, but let me know...

    cardtrader74, what do you have? I see nothing of nowitzki or williams listed on your site, LMK what you have, and also what your looking for in trade!


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    I got a ton of base Ill trade for base of TMAC or Amare, and I got a gew decent RCS of Willaims, and a Dirk Upper Deck RC. Im not sure Im looking to trade the RCS though, I collect RCS too. Ill trade base/base for you Amare and TMac. Are you interested? plmk

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    I have these GU'd to trade. I only collect Peyton Manning and Jason Witten, but I will sell for 30% of bv dlvd.

    Jason Williams

    00-01 Fleer Feel the Game Shorts #37 Mt bv $12
    02-03 Fleer Tradition School Ties Shorts Miller/Williams Mt bv $15


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