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Thread: 1992-1994 topps gold needed

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    1992-1994 topps gold needed

    i need any and all you have. Looking to trade star cards for these cards, hopefully you have more than just commons, because i want stars and rookies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What kind of cards are you offering. I will check what years for sure, but I have a large number of them


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    check my site it has a lot of star players listed, every cardi have of them

    the rookies would not be for trade for any of this stuff unless i get some decent rookies in return. send me over alist of what you have for me, and also what you might be looking for. I just dont want to trade big $ cards and rookies for commons if you know what i mean

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    Here is what I have:
    92 Topps Gold:
    93 Topps Gold:
    94 Topps Gold:
    I know I can find more. I'm looking for cards for my sets. Please let me know with a PM if you are interested.---walter

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    i am interested but i have nothing from your wantlist

    do you collect any particular player i could send cards of for these.

    are these commons, can you get me a beckett value of them? I pretty much want any and all you have of these sets especially 1993 and 1994

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    Hi Harr,
    So far I have 103(4 doubles) gold cards from 94. The key cards are Williams, Bagwell, Martinez, Yount, McGwire, Giambi/Bell rc, Piazza AS, Winfield, Bo Jackson, Mussina, Thomas MOG, and Johnson. BV is about $15-$20
    I will check my 92 and 93 golds. I have many more of those


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    Check out link. PLMK if any needed

    & I have

    1993-94 Topps Gold #266 Hakeem Olajuwon - Houston Rockets NM - Near Mint or Better

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    THe cards that I have a just commons, but I know I can find some stars. I collect Jeter and Mattingly.---walter

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    how many and are there duplicates or just one of everything. Id take them in exchange for star cards such as mattingly or jeter possibly but i dont have many jeters. I wont trade rookies for them, and only some star cards, unless i get star cards in return (of the gold)

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