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Thread: 01/02 opc singles fro cc

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    01/02 opc singles fro cc

    i have 3/4 a second set all cards available for cc stars and some rookies. even some redeemed.
    cc will range from 2-100. redeemed rookies are the most
    stars range from 10-30.

    give me your numbers and i will return a cc value for all and single out the higher cc cards for you.

    if there is a player you want and dont know the # just ask!

    thanks for looking.

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    ya, give me a list of who you want and i will find them for you.
    do you care what set they are form or can i give them to you in multiple sets..

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    ****looking for***********
    04 ud ice Rookies /25 and /99
    ROOKIES: KEVIN BIEKSA, Corey Perry, Cam Ward , any rookies /100 OR LESS and auto patch rookies

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