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    looking for Stackhouse autos/jerseys/patches/low numbered cards and other high ends

    Hi ,
    I do collect stackhouse, i mostly need new cards his autos jerseys and patches and other high end stuffs.I have most of his rookie year stuffs already.But just do make an offer on what you have and i might need it.

    My greatest want as of the moment is his 01-02 UD Sweetshot 3point shot auto jersey/floor numbered to 42.If you have them let me know

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    Any interest in this:
    2003/04 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Jerry Stackhouse 116/150 93 $12.00

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    Do you need this one?
    Rare Finds:
    Stackhouse (white) / Vince Carter (none) / Antawn Jamison (none) SN#110/300 #RF-JS bv $12

    I could use this:
    SPX Winning Combos Juwan Howard Nene bv $12


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    need it but the howard/nene combos are pending for trade

    will you be interested in a 03-04 UD Finite combo warm up mike sweetney/keith van horn

    let me know

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    Don't really need that but I would be interested in this:
    UD SweetSHot Jersey Baron Davis
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    skeen- I wouldn't call these High End but they are Stackhouse and some of them are actually very nice. I would let them go in a trade for way below bv...lmk if you like any of them. And no, I don't expect you top trade gu for these - other base cards and rc's are fine....anything really - make an offer: the number in () is the book value

    95 Hoops Grant's all-rc's ar8 ($12)
    95 E-XL No Boundries #8 (I have two - Book is $10 apiece)
    95 sp holoviews #26 ($8)
    95 metal tempered steel #9 ($8)
    95 metal stackhouse's scrapbook w/ Jordan #7 ($8)
    95 ultra jam city #12 ($8)
    96 spx holoview heros h8 ($6)
    96 hoops fly with #9 ($6)
    96 skybox premium close ups cu8 ($5)
    97 finest embossed rare #157 ($18)
    *this card is so nice!
    It's a finest rare (gold) card and is embossed so it jumpsoff the chrome, plus it's die cut as if the card is on fire.

    lmk if you want any or all - they will go for a good deal way in your favor- thanks!
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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    sorry but have them all already
    thanks for the offer

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