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    Beckett Grading Coupon for trade

    Its for
    1 Big Beckett Plus Magazine 9.99 value
    1 Beckett Baseball Collector 4.99 value
    2 Free 5 day grading coupons 40.00 value.
    Expires on June 1st of 2005

    Looking for one nice auto or Gu'd or #'d RC in Football.

    Tomlinson, Portis, Lee Suggs, Domanick Davis, Charles Rogers, Rex Grossman, Quentin Griffin, Byron Leftwich, Vick, and so one.

    thanks Clay

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    Would you be interested in any of these:
    2003 Upper Deck 225 Domanick Davis RC
    2003 SP Game Used Edition 152 Josh Reed JSY
    2002 Sweet Spot Rookie Gallery RGRD Rohan Davey JSY
    + 2003 Upper Deck MVP Talk of the Town TT40 Rex Grossman

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