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    Thumbs up ***3x Beckett FB Collectors Package Free Grading Coupons

    Hello, I have 3 Beckett Free Collectors Package + 1 Free Grading Coupons for trade!!!!!

    Heres what each coupon is good for:
    1 Big Beckett Football Plus Magazine ($9.99 value)
    1 Beckett Football Collector ($4.99 value)
    1 Free 5 day grading coupon ($20.00 value)
    Expires on June 1st of 2005

    $35.00 Value

    All you have to send in with each of these is $5.99 for S&H

    Looking for a Auto or GU in football for each of these or some Tim Couch cards i need for my collection :D


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    Hey Dwain,

    Check out my site and lmk what you see.. I could probly use one of them


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    Jay, I like any of these:

    2003 Ultra Touchdown Kings Memorabilia Peyton Manning--- BV $15

    2003 Playoff Honors Rookie Gems Jersey Terrell Suggs---#476/700--BV $12

    lmk if one of these is ok for the coupon


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    Ill double check with one guy that wanted a bunch.. Ill see if i can squiggle out the peyton from him for you.. Shouldnt be a problem but I will pm you either way once i find out the info


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    I want the two I guess both coupons right??

    Heres a list of some of my stuff, I could give the grades:
    some Star Jerseys.......

    Jamal Lewis ’03 Leaf Certified Mirror Red 82/150
    J. Rice ‘03 Donruss Elite Masks Of Steel 219/350; Raiders mask, 49ers picture
    F. Taylor ‘01 Upper Deck Game Gear Helmets; black piece from ear hole
    F. Tarkenton ‘03 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Patch 79/99; 3colorpatch
    D. Carr ‘03 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Patch 100/175; 2colorpatch
    D. Carr ‘03 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Jersey 94/250
    D. Carr ‘03 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds Single Jerseys 67/299
    D. Carr ‘02 Upper Deck SP Authentic Threads AT1-DC
    B. Favre ‘03 Fleer Ultra Touchdown Kings Materials(2)
    L. Tomlinson ‘02 Upper Deck Kick Off Classics Jerseys
    J. Garcia ‘02 Topps Finest Jersey 940/999
    P. Manning ‘02 Upper Deck Piece of History Rookie Glory Jerseys
    E. James ‘02 Upper Deck Piece of History Rookie Glory Jerseys; Only 50 in Green Miami, rest white
    W. Green ‘03 Flair Sunday Showdown Jersey 89/500
    B. Urlacher ‘03 Fleer Platinum Protrayals Jersey
    B. Urlacher ‘02 Upper Deck Piece of History Rookie Glory Jerseys

    a Few Rookie Jersey Stuff..........

    Terrell Suggs ‘03 Bowmans Best #112
    Willis McGhee ‘03 Leaf Certified Materials 576/1250 #159
    Kyle Boller ‘03 Leaf Certified Materials 1186/1250 #153
    Musa Smith ‘03 Leaf Certified Materials 525/1250 #163
    Terrence Newman ‘03 Bowmans Best #93

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    CliffRC16, I will give the 2 coupons for this one!!

    F. Tarkenton ‘03 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Patch 79/99;
    3 color patch


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