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    taking offeres on my j-rich 1/1!!!!!

    i have been offered $150 cash already so if u cna beat that offer email me at
    CLICK HERE!!!!!
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    I totally agree with mfweiland....

    In the pre-season in 2003 for baseball, someone posted a thread here on SCF, showing an Ebay auction where a seller was auctioning off a rare Ken Griffey Jr. card. It was bidded as high as $1200 dollars (that's right, ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED).

    BUT, that bid price didn't meet the seller's reserve price.

    then the opening day started for baseball in 2003, and Griffey got hurt, and missed most of the year.

    wonder if that seller still has the card?


    also, please post all buy/sell/trade in TRADING FORUM


    moving it to over there

    a card is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. if you keep trying to squeeze a few pennies, you might end up stuck with a worthless card

    ask the folks who have RCs of Grant Hill

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    podstock is right on the money!! Look at kobe stuff I can not even give it away lol

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    Keep it and run, Jrich isnt too good and that card cant go anywhere but down

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