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    need help on a price~kobe/garnett

    just picked up on kobe/garnett dual warp ups.....i dont know the bv on this card if someone can please help me out on it...i may trade this card depending on the bv of it.....i dont have a scaner so ill try and describe it best as possibale....

    02 upper deck kobe bryant/kevin garnett dual warm up #erd 92/300

    it says combo nba all star authentics-all star 2002.....any help on this card would be greatly apperciated

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    2002-03 Upper Deck Combo All-Star Authentics KBKG Garnett/Kobe/Garnett $25.00 $60.00

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    why does it list kg on the card twice..thats what throwing me off...he is on the card only once

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