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Thread: Hockey stars etc for cc

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    Hockey stars etc for cc

    Please reply to this by pm or email if interested. I do not collect or even follow hockey. these cards were obtained accidentally in trades and lot sales. I do not have a hockey beckett so don't ask me the value of them. there are 57 total cards.
    5 pavel Bures 2000 Aurora 2000 #14
    Omega 2000 World all Stars #4
    2000 ice ice Gallery #IG4
    2001 Crown royale #16,
    99 UD Marquee Attractions #MA10
    1992 Upper Deck #431
    50cc for them all or 15 for any one.1992 Pro Set Gazette Patrick Roy #2 30 cc
    the rest include Kevin Stevens,Keith TKachuk (2000 omega 2000 Power Game0, Peter forsberg (2000Gretzky Changing the GameTrrmu Selanne (2000 Omega Speed merchants)2000 UD MVP Clutch performersT Fleury, 2 J sakic, , 4 pat Faloon, J Roenick,T Forslund (2),Barraso a bunch of guys I never heard of but who could be stars for all I know, and 1 autograph Signature Rookies kevin Bolibruck #d to 4500.
    I'll take 8cc for any of those and 200 cc for them all. I am open to negotiation. Please pm because I never check hockey boards.

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    I have a deal. No more calls please and thanks for your attention.

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