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    Talking Lofty Goal: Trading for at least 2004 cards in One Week

    Collecting is supposed to be fun

    I'm a low-end collector and the name of the game I play is bulk. I thought I'd have a little fun this week and try to trade for at least 2004 cards by midnight next Saturday (3/20). Notice I didn't say cards from the year 2004, but 2004 cards.

    To do this, I'm offering everything I can except the kitchen sink (and I'd offer the kitchen sink, but they said it would cost too much to ship).

    Here's some of the things I have to trade:
    Cards listed on my tradelist (see webpage, a few thousand available)
    Baseball Magazines, including Becketts (see webpage)
    Christian CD's (PM for list)
    Various Cassettes (PM for list)
    Oddball VHS Movies (PM for list)
    "Driven" DVD - Racing Movie with Sly Stallone
    Tecmo Bowl for GameBoy (should play on newer GameBoy systems)
    Some Old College Textbooks (PM for list)
    Ethernet Cables
    Oddball Drug Company Giveaways (PM for list)
    Lists of Cards of Any Given Player
    A Beat-Up Old 486 Laptop
    Mystery Prizes and About Anything Else You can Suggest that I Have

    I'm Looking For:
    Cards on My Wantlist
    Other Cards That I Don't Have (Including Starter Sets)

    I will sell items for cash or card cash that I will put back into my quest for 2004 Cards.

    PM me with trade ideas or suggestions - including websites of people who need cards that I have available. As a bonus, I will give 25 CC to everybody who trades me more than 100 cards or refers me to a website of someone that ends up trading me more than 100 cards. If its 500+ cards, I will give 100 CC as a bonus. I do have a head start on this project as I have a 500+ card trade in the works (hopefully it sticks). I also have a history of pulling off other large volume trades.

    Hopefully a few people will help me out with this crazy project.

    Thanks, Ken

    P.S. I'm really not joking - I'm just a med student that's tired of studying and came up with this idea to try out. I do have an exam Monday morning, though, so if I don't respond right away, expect a response Monday.
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    Hey whats up? Take a look at my site and let me know if there is anything you want and I need.

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    i have an 1100 count box of cards i just won at an auction i could send you... i bought it but really dont want to mess with it and to be honest it doesnt look like high quality stuff... dont know if you would be interested but there has to be a starter set of something in the box... just thumbing through a couple cards i see there are a lot of 91 topps, 94 donruss, 91 topps, 90 donruss, 01 fleer showcase, 01 upper deck and much more.. lmk if you would be interested in this and what you could offer

    also have a starter set of 01 ultra <>50 %
    starter set of 02 UD Piece of history 70 % w/ 1 SP
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    Would it matter if they were like mid to late 80's, early 90's worthless junk? lol. I've a nice little bunch of that I'd like to get rid of. I am really in need of cash right now so would you be willing to buy?

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    Mortigan - I'll try my best to find some stuff for you. At first glance I don't have alot, but maybe I'll come up with something.

    tutall - I'll get back in touch with you tomorrow. I'd probably be interested in the box as well as the starter sets, but I'm not sure I'll have enough to offer you. Check my webpage and see if there's anything you like. I'll be adding stuff tomorrow evening.

    Molina00 - I'm not highly motivated to buy right now, but I do plan on making some sort of trade with you this week that includes the two Pudge cards you wanted (plus some other stuff I've got this weekend... mentioned in Box Break post about Toys-R-Us). I'll get back in contact with you tomorrow to see what we can work out.

    Isn't it interesting that the three people who have replied to this post are three of the handful of people I've made trades with on this board. Maybe they think I'm creative enough (or dumb enough :-) - jk) to find a way to pull this off. A couple other people have PM'd me - if I haven't responded yet, I'll respond tomorrow.

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    I wouldn't say this is dumb. I'm just not sure of the logic behind it. lol. I sure wouldn't want more junk cards taking up space.
    But anyway, I like being able to trade with people I have already traded with and I have had nothing but good experiences trading with you so far. I'll see if I can find your box break and see what interests me. Btw, which 2 Pudge cards was it that I needed?

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    I doubt you do but do you have any other magazines with Rangers on the cover?
    Anyway, I think the 2002 Score Travis Hughes auto probably book between $5-$10. Those autos aren't listed in beckett but I don't think they are worth much. I do need those other 2 Pudge items as well. Any estimate at what the talking star card might be worth?

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    Question is is do I have anything for you? LOL if I do then I know that we can always find something to cover for me.

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    Molina - the Pudge cards I was holding for you were *2002 Donruss Studio #195 and *2002 Fleer Ultra Hitting Machines #6. I'll set aside the Pudge Die Cut, Travis Hughes Auto, and Pudge TalkingStar for you as well. I'll try to figure out a value for the TalkingStar card/standup tomorrow. I probably have some 90's Beckett's with Rangers on the cover (maybe even a Pudge, though I'm not 100% certain) - I'll let you know for sure tomorrow.

    As for my logic, I'm a classic (or as Mortigan puts it "hardcore") set builder and enjoy putting sets together. My first sentence in this post says "Collecting is supposed to be fun" - that's why I'm doing this. Not because it makes the most sense from a value standpoint, but because I have fun doing it and it takes my mind off studying all of the time.

    DMILES - I made a list of all the Beckett's I had because you asked me once awhile back, I just haven't formatted it and posted it to my website yet. I'll do that tomorrow and let you know.

    Mortigan - That is why my first online trade being with you made so much sense, it's fun to trade with people who are classic setbuilders. Your quote "I know that we can always find something to cover for me" is almost word for word what I keep saying on here all of the time. So, I'm almost positive we'll be able to work out something this week - I'll get in contact with you tomorrow.

    Thanks all, Ken

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