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Thread: Barry Larkin and Steve Garvey

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    Barry Larkin and Steve Garvey

    Anyone have addys and know if Garvey signs.

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    Barry Signs C/O Washington Nationals

    Steve Garvey C/O LA Dodgers But Not Very Good TTM



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    Do you have a Barry Larkin home addy? Thanks

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    I have heard that garvey is not that reliable, but wouldnt hurt sending a card or something small. May charge for auto

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    Larkin's Home addy is either

    c/o MLB Network
    40 Hartzway Suite 10
    Secaucus, NJ 07094


    5410 Osprey Isle Ln
    Orlando, FL 32819

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    Don't bother with the MLB network address, I mailed a ROMLB to him about 5-6 months ago and it's MIA...

    anyone have any luck with the Orlando address? or c/o Nationals?

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    I sent to Larkin at his OH addy & got an RTS (9/27/08). Then sent to c/o Cincy Reds with no response (10/5/08). My last try was c/o MLB Network addy with no response (6/10/09). Since I'm batting .000 with Barry, I figured I would stop trying TTM and if I really want something I will just buy it in the future.

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    I sent to Garvey c/o Dodgers back in July and nothing as of yet, but have seen a couple of success's

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    Bookmarking this thread for any solid evidence on Larkin, he was my favorite player growing up so I would like to send him a ball to sign also.
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    i just sent to garvey so we will see, will let you know if i see anything

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