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    Hey eveyrone I am looking to build my Albert Pujols collection. I'll take any commons you have of him. Please let me know if you have any of his cards. I would also be intersted in any game used or rookies or autos. PLMK what you have and who you want in return. I will trade most of the game used on my site for game used autos and rookies of Pujols or commons/inserts of any star(s) for pujols commons/inserts.
    Here is a link to my site:

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    Albert Pujols
    02 playoff absolute memorabilia #134
    03 UD honor roll #29
    02 Topps Ten #121
    03 Topps League leaders #344
    04 Topps Tradition Team Leaders #37

    Just looking base or insert of Nolan ryan or Cal ripken

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    I will sell you these for three dlvd- paypal or m.o. LMK
    02 Leaf #143
    02 Donruss # 15
    02 Donruss Fan Club #40
    02 Fleer #398
    02 Fleer Showcase #1
    02 Fleer Tradition Update #U368
    02 Fleer Platinum #142
    02 Fleer Focus JE #50
    02 UD # 726
    02 UD Ovation #35
    03 UD Honor Role #29
    03 Fleer Patchworks #87
    03 Fleer Double Header #129
    03 Topps #200
    03 Topps Opening Day #135
    03 Bazooka #280
    04 Topps #40

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    diesel i need and want allt hose pujols cards i have ton of ripkens but they are at my dads. ill be there this weekend could you hold them back til then?

    coolector sorry i cant buy would you trade them i would trade anyone for him?
    PLMK thanks,

    dtrain got and replied to your PM

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    Got these:
    04 Topps #40
    93 Fleer Focus JE Oversized Materialistics BV $8 (has picture of pujols printed on NON GU jersey fabric)

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    hey bonds i would really want those cards. i have some barry bonds i would trade for them. i also have a few jason schmidt ill get you a list of. i also have a shinjo game used bat bv 8 i would trade for both of those cards? PLMK i will be at my dads this weekend til then i couldnt tell you a full list of the cards i have.

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    Not interested in the Shinjo. Did you ever get a chance to make me a list over the weekend you said you would? LMK thanks.

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    ya sorry about that list i have some cards out but then i had to go to my moms sorry. could you please hold those pujols for me til this weekend?

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    Yep, I have had them for awhile and not been able to trade them so I will hold em back for you unless I am overwhelmed by an offer which I doubt. Thanks.

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