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    2003 Topps Jersey Edition BRONZE PARALLEL GU Jersey Jamaal Magloire 146/299

    The following is for trade:

    2003 Topps Jersey edition BRONZE PARALLEL GU Jersey Jamaal Magloire 146/299 (White) # JE.

    I collect the following:
    Seattle/San Francisco Sports teams
    Ichiro Suzuki
    Edgar Martinez
    Ray Allen
    Gary Payton
    Barry Bonds
    Jerry Rice

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    i have a payton balcony #/250 some edgar and ray allen base you want a list

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    By the way, Beckett lists this card as an error (Card says its an away jersey, but in fact the jersey is home) and it books $20.

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    ray allen base
    00/01 bowmans best
    00/01 victory
    02/03 ud honor roll
    97/98 ud choice year in review
    01/02 fleer maxium
    02/03 topps
    01/02 fleer focus

    gary payton
    01/02 fleer platium
    01/02 ud reserve
    02/03 ud honor roll
    97/98ud collectors choice hot prospects
    01/02 topps
    99/00 skybox premium
    00/01 topps
    00/01 skybox hoops
    99/00 topps
    00/01 mvp
    03/04 fleer authentix
    00/01 fleer triple crown scoring menace
    and the balcony

    edgar martinez

    couldn't find any

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    i can find more but i'll have to go throw boxes and i can add in a auto cheap one l

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