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    Exclamation WANTED: 04 Topps Heritage & Fleer Tradition base cards!

    Looking for any and all Fleer Tradion, and Topps Heritage base cards. You have any? I want it! Please let me know what you have.


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    have about 20 Heritage (1 SP, Bartolo Colon) and about 50 or 60 fleer traditions...lemme know if you are interested. do you have a list of the #s you need?


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    hey i've been looking for you, i got a box of tradition and i'm not doing the set so lmk what #'s you need

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    I could use doubles, even triples of the same card so really I am looking for all Tradition and Heritage cards. Check my site both of ya'll and post or PM me.


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    Hey what are you offering for these?

    Im guessing your using them for autos?

    Either way I busted 8 packs and got 99% base cards so I have plenty, lmk what your offering in trade first so I know if its worth my time to list every card.....

    Are you giving up g/u or an auto? or what? LMK what to pick from your site and ill give a look!


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    Paul-Yeah I'm using them for autos, not only that but also want to complete the set as well. You can really pick anything. As long as it's equal.


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    have about 250 hertiage singles for trade looking for st. louis cardinals lmk

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