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    Looking for 2003 E-X G/U's and SP's

    The titls pretty much says it.
    LMK what you have and what you are looking for in return.

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    Hi again! I've got some nice EX GUs and SPs:
    X-Tra Innings A-Rod #10
    Behind the Numbers Jersey Mike Piazza: BTNGU-MP 352/500
    Behind the Numbers Jersey Derek Jeter: BTNGU-DJ 006/199
    Behind the Numbers Patch Roberto Alomar: BTNGU-RA 89/99
    Emerald Essentials Troy Glaus: EEGU-TG 097/175
    Future Credentials Now Brandon Webb: 04/88

    Looking for Griffey/Larkin/Topps 206 GU or high end Griffey in return...

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