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    Whats your best deal on Ebay recently?

    I just got a 97-98 Black Diamond Premium Cut Double Star Patrick Roy worth $40 for a dollar. Nice.

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    Today's ebay scores:

    97/98 Upper Deck Specialists Patrick Roy Die cut. BV$300..spent $2.50
    96/97 Skybox Impact Zero Heroes Patrick Roy. BV$60...spent $1.25
    96/97 Elite Status Teemu Selanne #/750 BV$50...spent a whopping 55 cents.

    God bless the GU card. They keep the other ebayers away from the hidden trasures.

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    lately, I got a Ville Nieminen 02-03 SP Game Used Rainbow Jersey card #6/10 for $10.50, and just the other day another Nieminen Rainbow finished at $35, but overall, Id say my best buy was a lot of Hasek cards that had a $300 card, 2 $40 cards, and a $30 card I got all of them for something like $11

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    Wow, my best eBay deal was getting 2 different 2002-2003 Mask Collection Marty Turco jerseys for $5.65! Well, when you get 2 jersey cards of your favorite player for the price of a pack of the product, it's a steal.

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    i just got a Gretzky bronze premier auto that i needed for $61. they have been going for $75-80.

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    It is not to much of a steal for everyone but for me it was great. I got 18 cards of my favorite player saku koivu for only 99 cents. The cards only booked around $15 total but it was great for me

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