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    who still goes by beckett price?

    since ebay has become a strong player in the sports card market world, i was wondering if anyone still goes by beckett prices when purchasing cards? sure they help give a sense of value of a card, but are you still willing to pay that price when you know you can get one cheaper on ebay? sure beckeet still has a price guide but i find mysef no longer selling cards at beckett price because they simply cant match ebay prices that start at a dollar for example. anyways what do you guys think?

  2. Kronozio
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    Hi and welcome to the site.
    Nobody can sell anything at beckett price but to me, it serves to set a ground for trading. I like using it to check on auctions too.
    For example, if there is a card I like and it book less than 50% of beckett price it increases my chances of buying it.
    I won't buy unless it's less than half BV. Unless it's something that I just really want.

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    i dont go by beckett price when selling or buying.
    but when im trading, yes, i want to make the trade fair so ill take a look at BV to even it out.

    welcome to the forum!

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    thats whay i thought too. beckett used to be the main standard for pricing cards, but when ebay came along, beckett no longer really works with exceptions, such as the trading. ok seeya. thanks for the welcome guys.

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    beckett was a great magazine prior to the advent of Ebay, Yahoo auctions, and internet auctions

    now, beckett's BV is outdated b/c their prices only change on a monthly basis, if at all.

    meanwhile, Ebay tells you what people in the US and the world are actually paying for it

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    I still only use Beckett for trading, and sorting my cards. I only buy them if theres a good article or something, since they put the free lookup thing on the site.
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    Do you realize that ebay puts cards up for a dollar because people are expected to bid on it and the price is expected to go up. Ebay has nothing to do with the worth of a card. If you were at a card show, the prices would be the same as in the beckett.

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    Originally posted by DarthDooku
    Do you realize that ebay puts cards up for a dollar because people are expected to bid on it and the price is expected to go up. Ebay has nothing to do with the worth of a card. If you were at a card show, the prices would be the same as in the beckett.
    of course i know that. ppl at shows use beckett price becuase they dont know what to sell it for. if they were to sell at a dollar a card, they would be losing larges amounts of cash, considering they have to rent the tables out, and try to compete with othe dealers. sure the cards are expected to go up, but what happens if it doesnt? thats why ebay has a big advantage over beckett when it comes to selling and buying. the prices are being affected, cuz a person may have a auction card that sells for a buck that really is worth maybe twenty? im also sure that there are plenty of threads here stating "ebay steals", to help further support my point.

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    ok, but that isnt even what you were talking about. You were saying that ebay is a better price guide than Beckett. The whole reason your so excited abouy ebay is that your getting the cards cheaper than what you should. Nobody in there right mind would sell any card for a dollar. Its an auction, people are supposed to bid, and the price goes up. The person selling it probably bought 1000 of them for bulk price and is selling them for cheaper than retail or whatever. He paid nothing and is going to make a huge profit. You cant compare ebay to pricing guides.

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    I've had cases on ebay where I got a great deal and the seller refused to sell. No Reserve, low starting amount, one even had the nerve to file a NPB against me one 2 auctions he never returned my mail on. AS for Beckett, they base their prices on input from dealers. Of course these guys are going to max out the price just so they can justify to their customers the huge markup. Ebay sellers have extremely low overhead as well, and it allows prople to buy cards from out of town, where their team is less desirable. I could never afford to collect Red Wings from around here......
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