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Thread: UD Foundations Box Break

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    UD Foundations Box Break

    Hello, I won't tell you all what I got, since I got three boxes, but I will let you know of a loaded box I got... in one of the three boxes I got:
    Bouwmeester RC
    Nash RC
    Patrick Roy Bronze Jersey C-PR
    Patrick Roy Bronze Jersey C-RO
    and Ray Bourque SOG Boston SP /23

    in the other boxes, I got another Bouwmeester and the other SP Bourque SP /23 Colorado

    honorable mention, volchenkov RC, Chistov RC, Yvan Cournoyer Stick, Rick Vaive Silver jersey C-RV and Bryan Trottier silver jersey P-BT

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    holy hell...what luck!

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    I would be willing to trade the SOG Bourques... but I know they are selling for twice BV right now, so I'll wait, the chistov rookie is not for trade, it goes it my set.... I do have a Bouwmeester for trade though

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    Not really interested in the Bouwmeester. I was really only looking for the Chistov. I am collecting Chistov cards and I wanted that one.

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    Sorry, I will keep an eye open for you, and if ever I get another one, I'll let you know

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