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    I am trying to gather a large collection of jersey cards, ALLL SPORTS. I need your help. I DO NOT have any specific needs. The MOST I am willing to pay is $2 delivered. Let me hear about
    anything and everything.

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    Do you take certified autos as well? So 5 Jersey cards = $10 DLVD. Do you have paypal? I will put together a list soon!

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    super-i have GU but i don't want to sell it, will you trade your certified autographs for my GU?

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    Would you trade your Harrington Finest auto for some Jerseys?

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    I got SP Legendary Cuts Rookie Recruits Maurice Morris and Fleer Legacy 1000 yard club Frank Sanders lmk if your interested

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    d-miles- maybe what is the gu pm me
    mine- what are the jerseys pm me
    drake- pm sent

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    I have afew basketball GU I am trying to clear out. Would you consider trading Ichiro bat, Nomar JSY, and Winfield JSY for some of them? Check my site and LMK, Thanks.

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