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    Temporarily getting out - GOTTA SELL this stuff!!!

    Yeah so I gotta stop this [collecting] for a while,I need to start saving money for Prom and I've only got like $35 right now (yeah,it's $115,I'm a bit behind).So at least until a few weeks before Prom,I'm gonna stop buying,and try and sell what I have.So I'm cleaning house for right now (yeah yeah don't worry I'll still be around here,just not trading or anything).So check my site,lmk if you see anything,and I'll try and figure out a price.I'M NOT TRADING ANYTHING!!!!!Don't ask...and if you do,what part of "I need money" don't you understand??

    Check the site,post back

    BTW - I may be cleaning house but that does NOT mean I'm selling the Starr GU/Auto :D lol

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    how much for the 02 score harrington, 03 bowman, terrell suggs, charles rogers, and boldin?


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