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    I need all deshaun foster cards! LMK what you have!


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    have these,lmk thaxs jamie jlderry30.

    flair #119 deshaun foster 783/1250

    score #264 deshaun foster

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    jlderry30- I may be able to use the flair. I'll check my foster collection and see if I've got it or not. I'll let you know later today

    wiens75- I've already got it. Thanks for checking though.

    football_3304- I can use it. LMK what you're looking for. It has a BV of 30 cents.

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    lol, it's kinda hard to just make an offer for a 30 cent card :D How about this, just give me a list of a few guys you collect, and I'll send you a base card of one of those guys for it. That should work out alright.

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    carson palmer
    byron leftwich
    kyle boller
    brett favre
    ahman green

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    I'm sure I can dig up a favre card somewhere. I'll do some looking and let you know if I find one.

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