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Thread: Hidden Gem

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    Hidden Gem

    I was just looking up some prices for my cards on the Beckett site and I found out that my Mario Lemieux 95-96 Platinum Player's Club Card is worth 100 bucks. I would have never guessed.

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    yea for some reason those cards are worth quite a bit..but theyre not even serial #'ed

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    an unnumered insert selling for more than a jersey.. who would have thought

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    i got ray bourque, and an autographed gary roberts..a few more smaller ones as well (i think Brian Rolston)

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    I also got about 6 or 7 other platinum player clubs. Including Blake and Andreychuk but the most any of those are worth I believe is 8 bucks for the Blake.

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    yeah i have an Yzerman worth $75... thats weird its not even serial #ed. you would be lucky to get $15 for your lemieux though - i dont think it would sell well.

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    I have quite a few of them, but mostly guys like Derek King.

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    I love Derek King. I just got his autograph through the mail c/o thr Grand Rapids Griffins he signed 6 cards!

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