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    Gued and Auto trade list!

    Hey all,
    Well the new place is set up enough I feel I can make a few trades now. I was starting to go through withdrawl.
    So here is the updated list, what I am looking for is at the bottom.

    2003 / 2004


    Regular jerseys:

    Mike Bibby (white--USA jersey) #AGW-MB **Not sure if this is supposed to be the "Stars and Stripes" version but he is pictured in his USA jersey with a flag back ground)

    Dajuan Wagner (black) #AGW/DW

    Baron Davis (teal) #AGW/BD

    Jason Richardson (orange) #AGW/JR

    Pau Gasol (silver or white) #AGW/PG

    Dahntey Jones (teal or white) #AGW/DJ

    Stephon Marbury (silver) #AGW/SM

    Drew Gooden (white) #AGW/DG

    +Hoops Hot Prospects+

    Hot Materials:

    Tracy McGrady (white/white reflective) SN# 162/500 #HM-TM

    Certified Cuts:

    Boris Diaw (auto) SN#359/600 #81


    Genuine Article Insider:

    Kenyon Martin (silver) SN#392/400 #GA-KM


    World Leaders:

    Tracy McGrady (white & some of the reflector material that turns purple at an angle) #WL-TM

    Vince Carter (purple off the stripe on the side) #WL-VC

    Chris Webber (purple) #WL-CW (x2)

    Drew Gooden (white) #WL-DG



    Mike Bibbiy (purple) #NS-MB

    Peja Stojakovic (white) #NS-PS



    Kevin Garnett (blue) / Jason Kidd (white with pink on it-Gum I think) #KG-JK


    Rare Finds:

    Stackhouse (white) / Vince Carter (none) / Antawn Jamison (none) SN#110/300 #RF-JS


    Sophomore Strands:

    Marcus Haislip (purple) #SOS-MH

    Upper Deck

    Shooting Stars:

    Reggie Miller (navy blue) #SS-RM

    All Star Weekend Authentics:

    Tim Duncan (black) #AS-TD

    +UD Glass+


    Peja Stojakovic (auto) #PS

    Clearcut Winner:

    Allan Housotn (white) SN#221/350

    +Honor Roll+

    Dual Warm-ups:

    Dirk Nowitzki (blue) / Steve Nash (black) #DN/SN

    Karl Malone (black) / Devean George (purple) #KM/DG

    Jamal Tinsley (dark blue) / Jermaine O'neal (dark blue) #JT/JO

    Triple Warm-Ups:

    Stojakovic (purple) / Bibby (black) / Wallace (black) #GW/MB/PS

    Future Honors:

    Jarvis Hayes (blue) SN# 083/499 #113

    Reese Gaines (silver) SN# 061/499 #117

    Mike Sweetney (blue) SN# 473/499 #112

    +Rookie Exclusives+

    Regular Jerseys:

    Dahntay Jones (white) #J16

    Travis Outlaw (black) #J19

    Slavko Vranes (white) #J30

    Gary Payton (yellow) #J42

    +Standing "O"+

    Game Used Warm Up:

    Stephon Marbury (black) #SM-PH




    Dajuan Wagner (black) SN# 284/350 #J-DW

    Ray Allen (green) SN# 133/350 #J-RA

    Latrell Sprewell (white) SN# 339/350 #J-LS


    +Topps Chrome+

    Bonus Coverage:

    Antoine Walker (green) #BCR-AW

    Chrome Cuts:

    Tim Duncan (silver off the neck or sleeve band I think) #CCR-TD


    Pristine Gems:

    Pau Gasol (white) #GEM-PGA

    I am looking for:
    John Elway
    Denver Broncos
    CUBS (especially older players Game Used like Ryno and Dawson)
    Redwings (almost any current player)
    David Carr (especially want the 2002 SPX Auto/jersey card)
    Jake Plummer (Broncos only)
    LeBron James (who isn't right?)
    Carmelo Anthony
    Yao Ming
    Andre Miller (Nuggets only)
    Maybe other Denver Nuggets or Houston Rockets
    Mark Prior
    Kerry Wood
    I really only collect Game Used and Autos, and maybe rookies of Major players from those teams.

    NOT looking for inserts that are not GU or Autos!

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    i can definitely use the peja glass autofocus

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    Got in touch with you on your other post.

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