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    1975 Topps George Brett RC ,& 8x10 Authenticated Brett Auto 4 trade 4 Ray Lewis

    1975 Topps George Brett RC Mint
    8X10 Authenticated George Brett Auto (Wood Framed VERY NICE!!)

    1996 Bowman's Best ATOMIC REFRACTOR Ray Lewis & Absolute Ray Lewis Signing Bonus

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    The only football I have is an 1978 Walter Payton and about 200 1986 McDonalds all-pro cards (unscratched). Would you take these or some other baseball for the Brett rookie?LMK

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    I have about 30-40 Heap RC's that are either #'d/XXX, GU or
    Auto'd and a 02 Playoff Signing Bonus #'d/400 of Heap. Would
    anything like that interest you for the Brett RC. PLMK

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