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    For Sale: 2004 Harden Dual Jersey #/50

    Hey, I've got this card for sale:
    Rich Harden 2004 DK Gold(I think, Im not sure) #32 Dual jersey, both worn by Harden and its numbered 17/50!!

    Make an offer, and LMK!!

    Thanks, and BTW, this isn't priced, none of DK is.


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    is there any way its for trade? I could do card and a little cash

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    well, let me see if anyone gives me just a cash offer, and if not, then we can work something out:)



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    how come you haven't responded to my pms for the card

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    I dont remember seeing any, when did you send them? Sorry, what did they say?



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    i sent them last week and i wanted to trade for the harden

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    sorry about that leiber, I dont want to trade it right now, just want to sell unless I dont get any offers, I wanna buy an unopened box...



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