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Thread: 39 card lot Todd Helton for CC

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    39 card lot Todd Helton for CC

    This is a 39 card lot of Todd Helton base cards. There are 39 different cards in this lot. The years range from 98-03. They are all base cards.

    I am looking for 300CC shipped. First reply gets it.

    I will only ship within the US. Thanks.

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    250CC shipped.

    Nice lot.
    99 Topps Tek 34A P-21
    99 UD Encore
    03 Fleer Authentix
    98 Topps Gold Label
    03 Flair
    03 Fleer Patchworks
    03 Prestige
    99 Bowman
    98 Topps Gallery
    99 Topps Gallery
    00 Topps Gallery
    99 Black Diamond
    99 Metal Universe

    and many others.

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    Hey, I'll take it for 200cc. LMK if you still have it and I will send the cc..



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