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    Anyone have regular bdp autos, mauer, weeks, wagner, or pujols

    I may trade in your favor for regular bdp autos,Pujols and mauer rcs, gu and autos. Other ones i am looking to trade bv for bv. I may be able to add some cash in.

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    take a look at my site,I want it but i alreday have it so if you don't see anything you need its alright.

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    I have a 2001 Topps Traded Pujols Rookie BV $25 but in return I would need another Pujols game used or rookie I don't have. PLMK.

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    I do like the Zito Auto, but it sells for $14-18, and the Harvey sells for $28-35. I would do Harvey for Zito/$15

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    pujols05- no thanks

    ACBaseball30- no thanks, i do bv for bv not ebay value for ebay value. If I did add cash i would on;y be able to do a max of $8.

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    BV for BV would be ripping me off. If you want to trade at true values, let me know.

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    i don't want to add $15 for a card whose bv is only 10 more. Like i said, i am not dying to have this card. I already have one.

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