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    Thumbs down (2) 2001 leaf limited , (1) 2003 donruss elite BOX BREAKS

    ehhhh...ughhh....donruss elite was the best out of the 3. where's all the luck you guys get?

    anywhere here are the notables - my next post will contain the cards for those who had 1st dibs.

    2001 leaf limited - very sharp looking cards (didn't pull any of the big 4)

    rcs #/1000
    brandon lyon (blue jays)
    jorge julio (orioles)
    rob mackowiak (pirates)
    justin kaye (mariners)

    rcs #/1500
    steve green (angels)
    nick maness (mets)
    tony cogan (royals)
    mike koplove (dbacks)
    winston abreu (braves)
    nate teut (cubs)

    auto rcs #/1000 (1 / box)
    brandon larson
    travis hafner

    GU #/500(1 / box)
    magglio bat
    jim thome bat

    GU RC (1 / box)
    brandon inge bat (tigers) #/700
    jason hart bat (a's) #/200

    2003 donruss elite

    all time career bests (non #'d)
    jeff bagwell
    reggie jackson

    back to the future #/1000
    carlos delgado

    rc #/1750
    garrett atkins (rockies)

    status red
    marlon byrd #/29

    throwback thread pedro martinez red sox/expos #/125 dual jersey

    career bests a-rod jersey #/500

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    Segalsgraphs - no brazells

    leiber88 - got a prior from 03 donruss elite

    moose2438 - didn't get the jackwilson but here's the list of pirates i got-

    03 donruss elite:
    josh fogg, aramis ramirez, kenny lofton, jason kendall, brian giles
    01 leaf limited:
    aramis ramirez, rob mackowiak rc #/1000

    Dark_Angel - didn't get any marcus giles but i got chippers from both boxes

    halonut - didn't get any auto gu

    oakleys - got kerry cards from both boxes and a corey patterson from 03 elite

    WebbforCyYoung04 -
    surprisingly, didnt get any dbacks from 03 elite
    01 leaf limited - mark grace, randy johnson, mike koplove rc #/1500

    myers39 - got zitos from both boxes

    lazer128 - no teix


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    If you go for the base set of 2001 Leaf Limited lmk because I also bought 2 boxes of that about a year ago & may be able to help you out.


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    Hey what you want for the maggs bat, I dont have any Pujols stuff but I have lots of other GU and such. LMK what other players your looking for.


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    RICK POLUS: ok i'll let you know. just wondering what would you need for commons from the base set 1-150?

    ROCKMAN: books 8. if interested i believe i have another mags gu, lmk. give me a list of gu, i don't collect any specific players of gu.

    thanks to both for responding.

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    i could use the brandon lyon bad and possibly the larson auto


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    lyon books 5 and larson books 10 can i add something to get your 03 ud pp ryan sweeney?

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    Well if I have some you need I'd trade them for cards I need. If you didn't have anything or not enough I need, I'd sell base cards for $0.50 since they book at $1.00

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    there's no way i'd buy commons for 1/2 book but i can help you out with your 2001 fleer greats of the game set. i just completed that set about a month ago and i'm sure i have doubles you need for your sets.

    i'll get back to you probably this weekend. i'll pm you if it'll be easier.

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