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    How to Report a Post, a Visitor Message or a Feedback Rating

    While the moderators on SCF do their best to monitor the posts being put on the boards, we also appreciate the help provided to us by members who report posts for various reasons. For instance, if vulgar language is used or if a post starts a flaming war. To report a post, simply click on the white and red triangle icon below the stats of the person who has made the post at the left of the post in question

    You will then be taken to the screen below. In the free text box; explain why you are reporting the post and then press the “Send Report” button.

    You will then be returned to the thread in which the post you reported was.

    It is also possible that someone will leave you a visitor message on your profile which you are not happy with. To view your visitor messages, you need to go to your profile by clicking on your user ID in the top right corner of the screen

    Once in your profile, chose the “Visitor Messages” tab

    Go to the message you want to report and click the “Report” button

    Just like when reporting a post, you will then be taken to the screen below. Again, type the reason why you are reporting the visitor message in the free text box and press the “Send Report” button

    Finally, there may also be instances when you need to report a trader rating. To access your Trader Rating page, click on the “Trader Rating” link in the navigation bar at the top of your screen

    In your iTrader, locate the rating you want to report and press the red/white triangle icon.

    In the next screen, explain in the free text box why you are reporting the rating and then press “Send Report”.

    Please note that only false/duplicate ratings or inapropriate comments should be reported. Following these steps rather than sending a PM to a moderator may get the issue solved quicker as all moderators on the site will see the report. However, please be patient as there may be instances in which we will need to speak to the other party to assess the validity of the rating. Furthermore, only moderators who are assistant managers or above can edit or delete a rating.

    I hope this tutorial was useful and please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have some.


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    So if you report something how can you tell if the mods did something about it?

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    The same goes for all posts and visitor messages. They will be edited or deleted entirely, and the offending person(s) will receive a warning or infraction. For trade ratings, the situation will be looked into and punishments will be handed out from there.

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    Do you use this option if a neutral rating was left in mistake of a positive rating?
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