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    Long GU and Auto Tradelist | Looking mainly for eMANUel Ginobili

    Thanks for any replies.. If you have any Manu Ginobili I need I want to work out a trade.. if you know someone that has Manu I need please trade for it and trade to me! lol.. thanks and God Bless

    Game Used
    Willie Mays 2002 Topps American Pie Through the Years Game Used Mets Jersey #TTY-WM (grey swatch) VHTG
    Michael Jordan 2001 Upper Deck MJ Grand Slam Game Used Bat #MJ2 (bat)
    Greg Maddux 2000 SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game #GM (bat)
    Rollie Fingers 2002 Sweet Spot Classics Memoribilia #J-RF (blue swatch)
    Steve Carlton 2003 Fleer Greats Cut of History (blue swatch)
    Andres Galarraga 2001 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade #'d to 100 #TT-32 (bat)
    Pedro Martinez 2003 Topps Chrome Refractor Jersey #RBCR-PM (white swatch)
    Pedro Martinez 2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Then and Now Jersey #TN-PM (expos grey/redsox white)
    Carlos Beltran 2002 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Bat #'d to 150 #109 (bat)
    Ozzie Smith 2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Bat #B-OZ (bat)
    Ben Grieve 2002 Upper Deck 40 Man Gargantuan Gear #G-BG (white swatch)
    Ray Durham 2002 Leaf Game Collection Bat #RD-B (bat)

    Michael Jordan 2001 Upper Deck Ovation UNC Floor #MJF1 (floor)
    Scottie Pippen 2000 Upper Deck MVP Game Used Souvenirs Game Ball #SP-S (Top of S in Spalding Basketball 1/1?)
    Dirk Nowitzki 2003-04 Fleer Authentix Ripped #JA-DN (White swatch)
    Dirk Nowitzki 2002-03 Upper Deck SP Game Used All Star Apparel #DN-AS (Purple swatch)
    Gilbert Arenas 2002 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition All Star apparel #GI-AS (purple swatch)
    Grant Hill 2001 Upper Deck Superstar Warmups #GH (black swatch)
    Gary Payton 2002-03 Fleer Ultra O! Jersey (white Swatch)
    John Stockton 2002-03 Fleer Ultra O! Jersey (black swatch)
    John Stockton 2001 Upper Deck Legendary Floors #JS-F (floor)
    Patrick Ewing 2001 Upper Deck Legendary Floors #PE-F (floor)
    Shawn Marion 2001 Topps Stadium Club Stroke of Genius All Star Warmup #SG-SM (black swatch)
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim 2003 Topps Finest Jersey #'d to 999 #122 (red swatch)
    Jerry Stackhouse 2003 Topps Finest Jersey #'d to 999 #??
    Drew Gooden 2003 Topps Jersey Edition Black #'d to 299 #AM6 (black swatch)
    Drew Gooden 2003-04 Fleer Showcase Basketball's Best #BB-DG (black swatch)
    Melvin Ely 2002-03 SPx Rookie Autograph Jersey #'d to 1999 #122 (white swatch, blue ink)
    Melvin Ely 2003-04 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabrics #ME-J (white swatch)
    Michael Olowokandi 2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Jersey #MO (red swatch)
    Pau Gasol / Shane Battier 2003 Upper Deck Game Jersey Combo #PGSB (gasol teal from jersey side, battier black)
    Al Harrington 2002 Upper Deck Flight Patterns #AL (Purple Swatch with Yellow stripe)
    Tony Parker 2003-04 Fleer eX Net Assets #TP-NAJ (black swatch)
    Jermaine O'Neal 2003 Topps Jersey Edition #JO (yellow swatch with purple stripe)
    Bredan Haywood / Kwame Brown 2002 SPx Winning Combos #BH/KW (haywood purple, kwame white)
    Chris Webber 2002 Topps Stadium Club Rookie Reprint Jersey #SC-CW (black swatch)
    Speedy Claxton 2000-01 Fleer Legacy Rookie Game Worn #'d to 799 #106 (purple swatch)
    Darius Miles 2001-02 Fleer Premium Performers Jersey (Red Swatch)
    Darius Miles 2002-03 Flair Court Kings Jersey #CK-DM (Piece of Red Number)
    Mike Bibby 2002-03 Flair Court Kings Jersey #CK-MB (Purple swatch)
    Dermarr Johnson 2001-02 Fleer Genuine Coverage Plus (black swatch)
    Antione Walker 2003 UD Glass Superlative Swatch #AW-S (Green Swatch)
    Wally Szerbiak / Primoz Brezec 2002 Insperations Dual Jersey #125 #'d to 1100 (brezec white with purple stripe/wally white)
    Wally Szerbiak 2001-02 Fleer Genuine Final Cut (Entire Tree Piece of Jersey Border)
    Wally Szerbiak 2002 Topps Ten Team Leader #TL-WS (white swatch)
    Jason Terry 2002 TCC Challenging the Champ #CC-JT (white and silver swatch)
    Shane Battier 2003 UD Glass Game Gear #SB-GG (silver swatch)
    Casey Jacobsen 2002-03 Hot Shots Rookie Hats Off #180 #'d to 350 (Purple Swatch)

    Randy Moss / Jerry Rice / Torry Holt 2002 Fleer Box Score Jersey Rack Triple Jersey #'d to 300 (Purple/Black/White swatches) VHTG
    Mark Brunell / Jimmy Smith / Fred Taylor 2001 Impressions Triple Threads #23 (All White jersey swatches)
    Tim Biakabutuka / Brad Hoover / Muhsin Muhammad 2001 Impressions Triple Threads #5 (Black/White/Black)
    Reggie Brown / Charlie Rogers / Mack Strong 2001 Impressions Triple Threads #34 (Purple/Blue/Blue)
    Mark Brunell 2001 Upper Deck Game Gear Game Jersey #MB-J (White swatch)
    Corey Dillon 2001 Topps Gallery Originals Pro Bowl Jersey #GOCD (red swatch)
    Corey Dillon 2002 Private Stock Reserve Game Jersey #28 (black swatch)
    Bruce Smith 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Tried & True #TT-BS (red swatch)
    Peter Warrick 2001 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric #PW (black swatch)
    Junior Seau 2002 Upper Deck MVP Souveniers #SS-JS (Purple Swatch)
    Jeff Garcia 2002 Flair Jersey Heights Game Jersey (white swatch)
    Torry Holt 2002 Fleer Ultra League Leaders Recieving (purple swatch)
    Stephen Davis 2001 Upper Deck Past Patterns #PP-SD (white swatch)

    Guy LaFluer 2001 Greats of the Game Board Certified (white boards)

    Lance Berkman 2000 Crown Royale Sweet Spot Signatures #10
    Andre Dawson 2002 Fleer Greats Autographs
    Brandon Inge 2002 Bowman Signs of the Future
    Aaron Boone 1994 Signature Rookies #'d to 7750
    Carlos Beltran 1999 SP Authentic Chirography #CB
    Bartolo Colon 1996 Best Autographs
    Jim Edmonds 1997 Donruss Signature Series
    Geronimo Berroa 1997 Donruss Signature Series
    Kevin Brown (rangers catcher) 1997 Donruss Signature Series
    Troy Percival 1996 Leaf Signature Series
    Jeff Suppan 1996 Leaf Signature Series
    Joey Hamilton 1996 Leaf Signature Series
    Miguel Cairo 2000 Tradition Fresh Ink
    Ben Greive 1996 Best Autographs
    Gabe Kapler 1999 Just Autographs
    Gil Meche 1997 Best Autographs
    Vida Blue 1999 Sports Illustrated Auto Cover Reprints

    Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje / Corey Maggette 2001-02 Inspirations Dual Auto #'d to 1149 #115
    Devean George 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Wally Szerbiak 1999 Blue Press Pass Autographs #003/500
    Tom Gugliotta 2000 Ionix Autograph
    Andre Miller 2000 Ionix Autograph
    James Posey 2000 Ionix Autograph
    Trajan Langdon 2000 Ionix Autograph
    Michael Dickerson 1998 Press Pass Auto
    Cal Bowdler 1999-2000 Mystique Fresh Ink
    Raef Lafrentz 1999-2000 Mystique Fresh Ink
    John Celestand 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Galen Young 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Chris Herren 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Melvin Levett 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Jeff Foster 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Venson Hamilton 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Eddie Lucas 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Louis Bullock 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    John Celestand 1999 Press Pass Autographs Authentics (signed on back)
    Tyrone Washington 1999 Press Pass Autographs
    Rueben Boumtje-Boumtje 2001 Sage Red Auto #'d to 699
    Jamison Brewer 2001 Sage Red Auto #'d to 849
    Vitaly Potopenko 1997 Autographics
    Corey Beck 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    George Zidek 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Mark Davis 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Lance Hughes 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Dwight Stewart 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Michael Finley 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Matt Maloney 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Cherokee Parks 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Greg Ostertag 1995 Rookies Autograph Edition
    Julius Barnes 2003 Top Prospects Signs of Success
    Bryant Stith 1998 Autographics
    Greg Foster 1999 Autographics
    Sam Mack 2000 Signs of the Times
    Michael Doleac 1998 Press Pass Autographs
    Pat Bradley 1999 SP Top Prospects Vital Signs
    Quentin Richardson 2000 Press Pass SE Autographs
    Jake Voskuhl 2000 Press Pass SE Autographs
    Randolph Childress 1995 Draft Day Signature Rookies
    Lindsey Hunter 1997-98 Sign of the Times Auto

    Peyton Manning 2002 Upper Deck Super Bowl Giveaway #'d to 500 #18 BV Unknown
    Steve McNair 1995 Superior Pix RC Auto #'d to 3000 #3
    Alex Brown 2002 Donruss Classics RC Auto #'d to 250 #177
    Marc Bulger 2000 Crown Royale RC Auto #111
    Corey Dillon 2000 Fleer Autographics #CD?
    Peter Warrick 2000 Fleer Autographics RC #PW?
    Anthony Munoz 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Auto
    Quincy Morgan 2002 Prime Signatures #'d to 160 #46
    Darren Howard 2000 Press Pass Autos #'d to 100
    Jon Kitna 2000 Sign of the Times #JK
    J.R. Redmond 2000 Topps Gold Label RC Auto #JR
    Sean Bennett 1999 Contenders SSD Rookie Auto Ticket #147
    Christian Fauria 1995 Superior Pix RC Auto #'d to 5000 #73
    Ernie Conwell 1997 Skybox Autographics
    Michael Wiley 2000 Encore UD Authentics RC #MW
    Greg Hill 1999 MVP Prosign Auto #GH
    Cosey Coleman 2000 HIT Die-Cut auto #A25
    Corey Simon 2000 Hit Auto #A35
    Rohan Davey 2002 Sage Autograph #9
    David Neill 2002 Sage Autograph #29
    Chester Taylor 2002 Sage Autograph #41
    John Henderson 2002 Hit Autograph #H1
    David Neill 2002 Press Pass Autograph
    Troy Drayton 1995 ProLine Classic #'d to 1375
    Mike Sherrard 1995 ProLine Classic #'d to 1450
    Rodney Harrison 1994 Signature Rookies #'d to 7750
    Jeremy Nunley 1994 Signature Rookies #'d to 7750

    Jochen Hecht 2001 Signature Series
    Jaraslav Modry 2001 Signature Series

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    Bredan Haywood / Kwame Brown 2002 SPx Winning Combos #BH/KW (haywood purple, need this and your andre miller auto

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    I don't have any manu cards, will you trade your autographs for my GU? The GU are not of manu...

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    Sorry stalking wolf just saw your post.. sorry.. the Bredan/kwame is gone.. sorry again.. but I still have the Andre Miller auto..But I didn't really see anything I'm interested in on your site sorry..

    Dariusmiles.. probably would depend on what GU you have.. but also I do have a couple GU of Miles if you need them.. plmk

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    hey matt i was intersted in these cards:

    jermaine oneal 2 colored jsy
    moss,rice,holt triple jsy #ed-300 (vhtg)
    michael finely auto
    lance berkman auto
    peyton manning auto
    marc bulger auto
    vida blue auto

    i could buy a bunch manu on ebay if you would hold the
    cards for me.hit me up on aim on hobbyinsider.(carmelopujols) lmk asap.
    Last edited by survivalofthefitt; 03-26-2004 at 02:44 PM.

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    Hideo Nomo 2002 Upper Deck Global Swatch Game Jersey
    Todd Helton 2001 E-X Behind the Numbers Game Jersey
    Tony Gwynn 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey
    Trevor Hoffman 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey (w/stripe)
    DeShawn Stevenson 2000-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage Mostalgic jersey
    Corey Maggette 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups
    Keyon Dooling 2000-01 Fleer Triple Crown Shoot Arounds warm-up
    LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 Fleer Tradition Rookie Retro Threads
    Warren Sapp 2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric

    Are you interested in any of these GU?

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    I might be able to use the Tony Gwynn or Tomlinson.. plmk what Autos are you wanting for em.. plmk

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