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    What do you love about online trading?

    I enjoy how every day seems to be like Christmas. Forthe last few days, I've opened my mailbox to find at least one package. The best part is when I'm not sure exactly what card it will be cause it adds to the excitement. Then I see the card and know that I've made a new online buddy, at least in the trading world.

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    Well if you look at your friends, they all have similar likes and dislikes as you. When you join an online trading site, you make friends with the users because you have the same interests in cards.

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    What I like abot on line trading is that theres always someone out there that has what you need and is willing ot work with you to get you what you want or need. And making new friends is always good....

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    I have been trading thru the mail since 1996 (back before I could
    use, let alone afford a There was a magazine called Sports Card Trader that would list peoples wants, etc and their addresses. I made 2 really good friends back then, and still talk to them still today. Online is much easier of course, and now that I have, and can use a computer, I have added many great cards to my collection, let alone, made many more friends!!

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    No matter what time of the day or night you get online chances are there is someone else to chat with about the hobby or possibly even trade with...

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    Originally posted by Qball76
    No matter what time of the day or night you get online chances are there is someone else to chat with about the hobby or possibly even trade with...
    that is when you know you are a SCF

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    I like it because I don't know anybody close that collects too. I'm just now coming back and it's because of this site.

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    Enigma -- I am glad your trading experiences have been good.

    I love the fact that somewhere, someone has the cards I am looking for, and I don't have to be there to do the trade.

    Plus, most (not all) folks here are really trustworthy

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    The best thing about on-line trading is The Trade!

    Where else can you go and do this?
    dealers at shows dont trade, and if the do , Only at 40-50 % of bv for yours, but 100% for theirs. Shops rarely trade, (only if it's something they know the can make a profit on right away.)

    Whens the last time anyone was at a show /store and had 50 commons, a gu and an auto and got full bv in trade because someone NEEDED it!?

    I'm not a set collector (unless it's vintage) I'm a player collector.
    Thats one thing when I do shows or had the store, I was a collector first. I had my wants, all the time.
    I did'nt care about the sale or the price if Someone had I card I needed, I'd trade, I would'nt tell the "I'll trade for anything in this case." Thats stupid. Now I realize that this hobby is a business to alot, But come on? I would'nt be one to undersell myself, But there are people that feel they'd be losing money on a 35$ card that they pulled from a 3.99 pack. Let's see..... You paid 3.99 and got 4 cards. You want 35.00 for the one card,firm. But , you'd trade it at 35.00 for 60$ worth of my cards???? I never understood this. Maybe I'm just stupid or I'm not seeing the whole picture, But it's people like this that really have destroyed this hobby. I'd rather trade anyday. Thats why you'll rarely see my offer anything for sale on line.

    The trade is the most important thing in this hobby, Thats why we call them Trading cards.

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