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Thread: My CC for your Comics

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    My CC for your Comics

    I dont have much card cash but I'm looking for Marvel or DC comics in return for what CC I do have. I will also trade sports cards for comics.

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    i have sliver surfers's hulks and justic league loads of issues and plus i have heroclix for trade too

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    I would be interested in the HUlk comics. What issues do you have and what condition are they in.Thanks

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    i actually have a huge lot of comics i'm looking to sell. do you have any specific marvel or DC characters/issues you're looking for? i can provide a list of all the comics i have but it'll be awhile as i'm extremely busy for the next couple weeks.

    you don't have enough CC but i can trade comics for cards. lmk via pm as i'll forget to check back here.

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