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Thread: Anyone need a trade page?

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    Anyone need a trade page?

    Contact me and I will make on for you for say $15-20 BV....Depends on how much you want on it...PLMK..I NEED TRADE BAIT!!! LoL

    Thanks alot..

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    Hi Neil, and welcome to our board

    Please put one message in one board, and not several of the same posts on different boards.

    For example, folks looking to trade/buy/sell will look in all the forums of the Trading Section, and not just a particular forum only.

    So, it's appreciated if you make just one thread only.


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    I'm sorry...I didn't know which board what which..I'm sorry and it won't happen again...


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    Guest, I can alos make it look different, just LMK and I can see what I can do...

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    you need to edit that and take the comma off then end of your link......

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    you need to edit that and take the comma off the end of your link......
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