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    Barry Bonds 600 HR commemorative pin for sale

    I need money in my pay pal account. I'm selling a pin that commemorates the 600th HR that Barry Bonds hit. The pin is on a card that measures 2"x2 1/2" with Barry taking a swing. The card also lists Hank Aaron 755, Babe Ruth 714, Willie Mays 660. The pin has Barry's likeness in his famous pose after hitting a HR with the 600 across his legs. The pin & card are in a bag that has never been opened. Here's a chance to get a collector's item as Barry only needs 2 more HR's to tie his God-Father Willie Mays for 3rd ALL-Time.

    I'm asking for $5.00 delivered in a bubble envelope. I will include a pic below.

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    I'll buy it. PM me with your PayPal info. I'm on my way to work now but I'll be back on latter today. But I'll definately buy it.

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